Over the last four decades the British government has funded studies in Great Britain for Nepalese students and scholars under schemes administered through the British Council. These schemes have covered many fields important for the development of Nepal. In recent years, gradually increasing number of Nepalese students are also studying in British educational institutes on private funding. It is felt that an association of the British alumni covering the whole range of specialization will provide a forum for building on these studies as well as increasing educational and cultural relationships between Nepal and Britain. Association of British Alumni in Nepal (ABAN) is registered in the Chief District Officer’s office Kathmandu on February 4, 1998 under registration number 547/05/55 as a non-government organization. The registered office of this Association is located at the British Council, Lazimpat, Kathmandu. This association is an autonomous body, which will have the authority to acquire properties, collect funds etc. It reserves the right to protect its name and property.


The Association has the following objectives:

  1. Strengthen Professional, Educational, Cultural and other relations between ABAN members and the British Professionals
  2. Maintain contact with British Educational institutions, the British Council and the British Embassy
  3. Promote the proper use of special knowledge and skills acquired by ABAN members in UK for the development of Nepal
  4. Promote the knowledge of British education in the important sectors of Nepal’s development
  5. Create opportunities for discussion on issues of national interest like environment protection, regional and international cooperation
  6. Ensure that the relevant government agencies of Nepal recognize and grants due status and privileges to the qualifications and training gained in the United Kingdom
    7. Represent and protect the professional interest of ABAN members.

How will the Objectives be achieved?

The Association plans following activities:

  1. Fellowship activities between members
  2. Arrange professional/ educational gatherings and debate on the topics of national and international interest
  3. Publish newsletters, magazines, directory in order to keep the members informed about ABAN activities
  4. Organize exchange visits between Alumni members and relevant specialists from the UK,
  5. Organize academic discourse on topics related to Nepal and any other cultural and social activities,
  6. Ensure creative use of resources obtained from different agencies.

The Association will raise funds through membership fees, donations, advertisement in directory, magazines etc. grants from sponsors and other fund raising activities.
Such fund will be used for:

  • Administration of the Association
  • Organize, seminar, workshops, exhibition, film shows, social gatherings
  • Publish newsletter, magazine, directory
  • Any other purpose as decided by the Executive Committee in the interest of the Association.

Membership Types
Any person who has studied in Britain for academic studies or vocational training for 12 weeks or more will be eligible for membership of the Association.
Membership fees for 2016 are as follows:

Life Membership: Rs.2,000/-

(including contribution Rs.400)

Honorary Member

Any person who has donated cash or equivalent worth more than Rs.100,000/-(Rupees one hundred thousand) to ABAN or any person who has made a special contribution to the Association can be
recognized as Honorary Member by the decision of the Executive Committee.

Associate Member: Non-voting (Associate Member can become life
member but cannot hold office)

General Body & Executive Committee

The general body, which is the highest authority, includes all the members of the Association and will elect 13 members Executive Committee body, including the following for a term of two years:

1 President
1 Vice President
1 General Secretary
1 Assistant General Secretary
1 Treasurer
1 Assistant Treasurer
7 Members

Executive Committee is responsible to the general body, and will meet at least six times a year.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The general body meeting or annual general meeting will be conducted once a year on the date and place decided by the Executive Committee. An emergency meeting of the general body can be arranges at any time if required by the Executive Committee or on request by one third of the members of the Association in writing.

The regular annual meeting of the general body is arranged with at least 21 days prior notice to the members. For an emergency meeting a notice of only 7 days is required.

One third of the total membership will constitute a quorum for the Annual General Meeting.